Fire Mountain Gems

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Treasure Hunting Locations And Activities Across America

Treasure hunting is the physical search for treasure that has been a important activity for humanity for all time. A treasure hunter is somebody who searches for sunken, buried, lost or hidden treasure and other artifacts. Treasure hunting may be a fun venture for many or a life-time quest for some others, that regardless, can mentally and physically challenge the treasure hunter in their venture.

The States is home to a plethora of treasure hunting adventures. Some famous hunting hotspots are available below:

Bonanza Opal Mine in Denio, North Virginia is considered as one of the best hunting site for fire Opals. This mine has been in operation, from the early 19 hundreds. The mining time of year runs from May to Sep. The weather can get really hot and arid during the hunting time of year. Hunters should bring a small rake and buckets for accumulation of their finds. Many opal mines are located in ordinarily remote locations, so be prepared to camp and bring all needed items.

Glorietta Mountain in New Mexico and Brenham in Kansas, are optimum hunting spots if someone likes to search for treasure falling from the sky, ie, meteorites. Deserts and dry lake beds are starting locations to attempt to locate meteorites.

Emerald Hollow Mine, situated under 60 minutes travelling from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Hiddenite, North Carolina, is a place for hunting for emeralds. This is the solitary emerald mine in the United States open to the public for that embarking. Recreational rock gatherers can take educational journeys to ascertain more about emeralds and other gems found on site, including sapphires, garnets and tourmaline.

Relic hunters ofttimes head out to the Badlands region in South Dakota to look for dinosaur fossils located in the Devil Hills. The Devil Hills area is a peak spot where rock fans have uncovered massive pieces of bone all the way back to the Jurassic period of 145 million years ago.

Crater of Diamonds State Park (Murfreesboro, Arkansas) is the lone active diamond producing site in the world where the general public can search for diamonds. In reality, it is possible to hike around and look for diamonds lying on top of the soil. And what whatever you find is yours to keep!

Roaring Camp is an old gold mining camp on the Mokulmne River in Pine Grove, California. It had been a camp for gold prospectors (49ers) at the pinnacle of the California Gold Rush from 1848 to1855. Visitors can visit the operating gold mine and mine their own gold by panning, sluicing, dredging and dry-washing. Roaring Camp provides fun family activities, including rafting, camping, swimming, fishing and hiking on trails used by the first 49ers. Gold pans, gravel bags, rocker boxes and other necessary items are available if you would like to purchase tools to retrieve your golden nuggets.

Travel to the gemstone-rich Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina to dig for aquamarine. Spruce Pine is a prime spot for aquamarine mines and gemologists in North California. Gem Mountain Gemstone Mine gives a encompassed flume line for treasure hunters to comb through sediment and find all types of high-valued stones. This mine is also hot shop for not just aquamarine, but garnets, moonstones, rubies and more. Stones are inspected on-site at no cost. Experienced gem-cutters are also on-site and available to transform your stones into jewellery.

Tom one of the principle contributors to the base information, as well as, to the growth and enlargement of Satellite Treasure Map Data overlaid on Google Maps. Tom has accumulated this info through many years of looking for concealed truths through many various resources.

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Fire Mountain Gems

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