Bakelite Beads

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Vintage Strand of Acid Green Beads and an Antique Bakelite Handle Tweezer
Vintage German Bakelite Tassled Beaded Metal Nail Kit With 3 Tools Yellow Black
Box of 40 Vintage 9 Inch Bonnet Pins Austria No 1158 Blued Steel Bakelite Bead

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Bakelite Beads


Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I tell if my rosary has bakelite beads. It is white and glows in the dark?

How can I tell if my Rosary has bakelight beads? It glows in the dark.

Best Answer...


If you go to an antique shop (and some really cool hardware stores), they will have small strips that you can rub on an object to test for bakelite. It is difficult to tell between bakelite and some plastics and resins.