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Bird CharmWe want you to shop with confidence on Vintage Jewelry Supplies. When you shop for Bird Charm with us, your purchases paid for with eligible payment methods are automatically covered by eBay Buyer Protection. Go to for more details.

New iOS Hack Lets You Natively Tweet By Talking To Siri (Techcrunch)

There's no shortage of novel things you can strongarm Siri into doing for you
these days, but sometimes it's the little things that get me excited. While
not as innately flashy as being able to start a car, a new (and currently
nameless) tweak from developer InfectionFX does something that Siri should
have been able to do from the beginning: tweet for you.


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Bird Glass Perfume Bottle with Love Charm and Ribbons Brand New

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Bird Charm

Valentine's Day Love Bird Charm