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Frequently Asked Questions...

Does anyone have the book Chain Letter by Christopher Pike?

Can you please type the letter sent by the caretaker. The letter that Alison gets.

It's like My Dearest, You Though you knew me, but you did not.

i tried looking on sparknotes, but nada.

Best Answer...


This is the letter that Fran got at the beginning of the book:

"My Dead Friend,
You do not know me, but I know you. Since you first breathed in this world, I have watched you. The hopes you have wished, the worries you have feared, the sins you have committed--I know them all. I am the Observer, The Recorder. I am also The Punisher. The time has come for your punishment. Listen closely, the hour-glass runs low.

At the bottom of this communication is a list of names. Your name is at the top. What is required of you--at present--is a small token of obedience. After you have performed this small service, you will remove your name from the top of Column I and place it at the bottom of Column II. Then you will make a copy of this communication and mail it to the individual not at the top of Column I. The specifics of the small service you are to perform will be listed in the classified ads of the Times under personals. The individual following you on the list must receive their letter within five days of today.

Feel free to discuss this communication with the others on the list, Like myself, they are your friends and are privy to your sins. Do not discuss this communication with anyone outside this group. IF you do, that one very sinful night will be revealed to all.

If you do not perform the small service listed in the paper or if you break the chain of this communication, you will be hurt."

That was longer than I thought xD.

Hope that's what you were looking for!