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Cameo Earrings


Frequently Asked Questions...

I have bought a pair of cameo earrings, I WILL READD EVERY REPLY XXX?

I have bought a pair of cameo earrings, but im not sure how to check whether they are original or not (some of teh material looks like plastic)
does any1 know hw to check if they are real without sending it to a Jewelers, BTW I WILL READ EVERY SINGLE ANSWER I AM DESPERATE TO CHECK FOR IT xxxx
thanks xxx

Best Answer...


I worked at a jewelery store for a time. If you just stop in usually a good jeweler can just look at it and tell if they are real or not. It only takes a few seconds if they are not busy. I would go to a private jeweler not a chain store. We never charged for that kind of stuff. How much did you pay for them? If it was a deal to good to be true for cameo's they probably aren't real.