Color Swarovski

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Este Lauder Swarovski Green Chartreuse Peridot Color Compact Used

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Color Swarovski

Handmade Multi Color Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Frequently Asked Questions...

need ideas for swarovski star?

i have a single aquamarine-colored swarovski crystal star that i don't know what to do with :( it's about the size of a U.S. susan b. anthony coin. please don't tell me to make it into a necklace or a bracelet because i already have one and please dont mention to just hang it up in my room or something. :) it's really special and i wanna do something extra unique with it. suggestions please! :) thanks!

Best Answer...


Are you talking about the 28mm Swarovski Star Pendant that is being sold for about $5?

You can make it as a charm (for cell phone, bags) or use it as part of your jewellery design. If you use smaller stars or moons around it, you could make it stand out even more.