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Frequently Asked Questions...

Titanium and MRI Machine?

Ok so I know it was dumb of me to do this, but I completely forgot I was going to get an MRI scan of my brain in about a week. So I get my ears pierced for the second time, but I'm using titanium studs with a little fake or real (I'm thinking fake) crystal in the middle of the ball.

And I've heard that titanium can go into the MRI machine, but that it's stints/clips/rods, things like that not earrings. Things that have been tested. So I'm thinking that the earrings might be able to stay in. Like can I test them with a magnet from home to see if they are magnetic?

And if I can't, is there something I can do like put a plastic or crystal pin or something that I can put in the place of my earrings so I won't loose the hole? And also if there is something like that where can I get one that does fast shipping or a store that's near by?

Thank you for all of your help. :)

Best Answer...


not sure about the titanium part but I know that many stores that sell earrings have those clear rods/sticks that people put through piercings to make them less noticeable for some occasions. i know that places with lots of piercing stuff like hot topic and claire's sells them. it's made of plastic or acrylic most of the time.