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Frequently Asked Questions...

Crystal and glass experts, come hither! Questions about cleaning displayed crystal, which brands, etc...?

I have just began to collect glassware and crystal (vintage and modern), and I have been doing A LOT of research. But it is all so confusing. I have heard Depression Era glass is best (most collectable, rare)... then I've heard Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) is, then I've heard EAPC is, (Early American Prescut) is..(I don't even know what this one is!!??)

And then I've heard that what matters is the pattern, like some are rarer than others... imperial wheels, hobstar, thumbprint, diamond, sunburst, starburst, fashion, the list is endless!!!

And then there are the brands!!! Which brands are "good?" And what makes them good??? I've heard of Swarovski, Mikasa, Carnival, Shannon by Godinger, Imperial...once again the list seems endless!!!
Can someone please teach me something? I am sooo lost here!
Is it bad to collect different pieces and patterns from different brands? Color glass versus clear glass? And what is the proper way to clean crystal? HELP!!!!

Best Answer...


More of a cleaning expert than a crystal expert!
I do know that depression glass is easier to collect as there is more of it on the market, but it is worth less than it used to be for the same reason. There is also a lot of imitation depression glass so it is hard to tell the real from fake.
But on the cleaning part....I have always washed my crystal in hot soapy water with some white vinegar added in. The vinegar helps to cut grease and grime. I also rinse it with a bit more vinegar and hot water.