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Thompson London cufflinks, cuff links, tie clips, mens jewe

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Vintage MC Mod Mens Black Valet Dresser Jewelry Box Cuff Links Tie Bar FRE S
Antique Celluloid Victorian Necktie Cufflinks Watch Tie Clip Pen Storage Box XL
VTG Goldstone Orange Metallic Set Cufflinks Tie Pin Lapel Square Gold Cuff Links

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Cufflinks Tie

Frequently Asked Questions...

If someone (acquaintance) gives me an expensive item as a gift, how can I thank them back?

This Frenchman who often works with my father gave me a really nice / expensive pair of shoes (if you must know, it is a Christian Louboutin that costs about $900) that was shipped from France to my home in US and he chose two day shipping.

I just cannot write a simple thank-you note to him and I have already called him to say thank you but I do want to send him something... so how can I properly thank him back? I was thinking of getting him some really nice cufflinks & ties (he wears both)... and a real Thank-You note (handwritten)...

Do you think that will be enough?

Best Answer...


I think a handwritten note would suffice. He may feel bad that you went out and got him something simply because he sent you a gift. I'm sure he just gave the shoes to you out of the goodness of his heart and doesn't expect a gift in return. If he gave you such an expensive gift I'm sure he can more than afford it and doesn't want something in return. Just graciously accept the gift and send a sincere handwritten thank you card.