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Frequently Asked Questions...

What color compliments dark green ceramic tile?

I am purchasing a new home that has dark green ceramic tile and I want to paint my walls looking for any and all color types that will compliment the floor or go well with it. Thanks!

Best Answer...


It really depends on personal taste. The easy way out would be white or beige, but those don't have any personality to them and would feel too sterile and impersonal. I strongly advise you against using another green tone, which would make the green too present in the room.

I personally think yellow may be a wonderful choice. You could go for a vibrant golden tone, or perhaps a more coppery hue of the gold, an simple sunny yellow, or an extremely pale yellow hue. The proper yellow can work wonders to a room with sunlight, as it makes the room glow. A nice canvas colour, like a more airy beige with yellow tones, may look nice as well, but this is unfortunately a hard colour to describe. If you are trying a neutral look, you could go for a taupe colour as well.

Brown is a good colour to think about, as well. A warm, but muted terra-cotta colour, a chocolatey brown . . . This will make a room more intimate and cozy, but can also make a room much smaller, so don't go for an intense, overpowering brown.

I am not a fan of pairing peach or coral pink with dark green personally, but these are tried-and-true combinations that are used quite commonly. However, I have often associated these colours with outdated homes or decoration.

If possible, buy a small amount of a few paint colours and paint a small patch of each near each other so you can see how it might look.

I suggest you go to the link at the bottom and find a colour close to your tile for an accent colour, then experiment with different overall paint shades. Good luck.