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Frequently Asked Questions...

ok i just woke up to see....?

on the back of my ear pierce is black dried up blood. its been 2-3 weeks and ive been fine till today morning although last night i had pinching feeling on my ear and i thought it was nothing so i ignored it. i looked in the mirror today and the blood is dried now the earring screw is stuck with the dried blood and it also hurts. if i even touch it and my ear is bit swollen

P.S. my guess is something happened while i was sleeping.. for it to bleed that much. i found my blanket with some blood stains and also before this happened i had no pains at all if i twisted the earing,etc it didnt hurt at all
il post a picture soon but beware its disgusting..

the picture quality sucks but it will show u how it looks like



the black thing is the dried blood, yes its really black O.O

Best Answer...


i dont noe if this would help but i got my ears pierced and about a year or 2 later they started bleeding so much i was scared to wear earing ever again. but i got my ears pierced again about 1 year ago and my ears started bleeding again. me and my mom thought maybe i wasnt taking good care of my ears the first time but when i got my ears pierced again for a second time and i was taking extra good care of my ears we realized i was taking good care of it. we finally thought i probably have sensitive ears. so maybe ur ears are sensitive, try asking ur doctor

hope i helped :) ). good luck. i hope ur ears stop bleeding