Egyptian Revival

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to make an architectural model?

My humanities teacher wants us to make an architectural model of any building ex. : georgian colonial, federalist building, greek revival, antebellum, reconstruction era, victorian, urban residential, egyptian revival, , sod houses, italiante mode, the IInd empire baroque

anything mentioned above i been interested in the italiante mode nd egyptian rival. so i was wondering if any one knows how on earth i should build one? please let me know, what materials i need and how to put it togther. any videos are fine too=]

Best Answer...


That is very interesting and challenging too. There are many materials , like a modeling board, special razor and letra sets with elevation items, make it simple. Its easy, start by -
1- plan what you want o present.
2-get the idea right and note down the building you want.
3-cut the letra sets showing windows and doors and other features of wall to a cut to scale walls made out of foam board.since you are an amateur don't cut widows or doors or openings - let letra sets do that. (Letra set is a set of different finishing materials eg windows, doors, etc made from a sticky paper- my own definition)
4-Stick them to cut to scale walls u desire as per your plan.
5-Erect you walls on a small board.
6-Put roof or slab whatever you desire.
7- add landscaping, grass effects , swimming pool, roads..and other features.

Remember one vital thing make your design/model very very simple. But add more decorations to that. All the best.