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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why do i lose so much hair when i wash it?

I don't dye my hair a great lot .. but i am guilty of straightening my hair every other day ... I have started using heat protection when i straighten it but when i wash my hair i seem to lose so much! I have no bald patches but it's like my hair is breaking all the time, what can i do?!


Best Answer...


straightners are baaaaaddd, you should give it a break for awhile and use something to repair your hair.
I was losing my hair few months ago, my hairdresser sell that herbal product called "thicker hair formula" you can find it on this website it is cheap and it works, just use it once a week as a mask and let it act, it stop hair loss and make it healthier in few weeks, i have been using it once a months now tha i dont have problems no more, just to keep my hair healthy.
good luck