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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you say the green,blue, and red spirit in Japanese?

How do you say green spirit, blue spirit, and red spirit in Japanese?

Best Answer...


English word "spirit" has more than one meanings.

spirit, like ghost = 霊(rei)
spirit, like sandman, attar = 精(sei) or 精霊(seirei)
spirit, as in frontier spirit = 精神(seishin)
spirit, like alcohol = アルコール(aruko-ru)

green = 緑[の] (midori [no])
blue = 青[の/い] (ao [no/i])
red = 赤[の/い] (ao [no/i])

If "spirit" is 霊(rei), then:
緑の霊(midori no rei)、青い霊(aoi rei)、赤い霊(akai rei)
If "spirit" is 精(sei), then:
緑の精(midori no sei)、青の精(ao no sei)、赤の精(aka no sei)
If "spirit" is 精神(seishin), then:
緑の精神(midori no seishin)、青い精神(aoi seishin)、赤い精神(akai seishin)
If "spirit" is アルコール(aruko-ru), then:
緑のアルコール(midori no aruko-ru)、青いアルコール(aoi aruko-ru)、赤いアルコール(akai aruko-ru)