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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you know anything about this hand carved wood chest from vietnam?

I know it was brought here in 1964, it is totally covered in carvings, the pictures aren't very good. I am trying to get more info...

Best Answer...


Not much to go on, but an image search of "Vietnam wood carved chest" would probably be the best start. You'll be able to see if anything matches or comes close and narrow the search down to hopefully a style, time period or maker. Linking to a picture(s) here would help as well.

Also give a close inspection of the base, bottom, and inside bottom for some sort of makers mark, name, date, etc... (these are the places where the info is most often found, though it could be anywhere) If found will provide more clues and help narrow the search.

Another good option is to call around to local antiques dealers and ask if any have experience or knowledge of Vietnamese wood carvings or can recommend someone who does.