Jade Crystal

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where would I get these Feng Shui materials?

Alright, so we're starting to Feng Shui our house and we've got books on it and everything but we don't know where to buy these things.
thanks for you help:
Amethyst crystals
Citrine crystals
aventurine crystals
Rose quartz crystals
Hematite crystals
jade crystal
Spherical lead faceted crystal
natural quartz crystal
Pa Kua mirror

Best Answer...


first, you need to understand that fengshui is about knowing where the good and bad energy in your house (by using the fengshui methods), so you can use these accordingly. if you just depend on some books to put what in certain places, then i dont think that you can be sure of the methods that supports them. and supposed you dont have such crystals available in your location? what then? by this time you'll be stumped.

as i said before, when the rooms in your house is arranged with the living areas (bedroom, kitchen, etc) placed in the areas with good energy, and the toilet and storage placed in the bad energy areas, then you dont have to use crystals and the ba gua mirror. actually with the rooms in their proper places is more powerful than having the crystals and the ba gua mirror.