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Frequently Asked Questions...

My Christmas wishlist... care to add stuff?

I'm in 7th grade and this is what I have so far (okie, it's kinda weird but who cares.. some of it is like partly my nine year old sister too, okay?):

hammock (yeah, I want to put it in the yard and lie down on it :)
coconut cup with twisty straw, lime wedge, and parasol (they're cool..)
new phone
neonic stuff (highlighter colors- jewelry, clips, nail polish, etc)
gift card..?
lippy gloss (other make up...)
door beads (those things that hang down when you walk in)
rug for my room?
body mist?
lavender or lime stuff..

I don't know.. yeah, I'm unsure about a lot of stuff. Do you have any suggestions on new things that'll get my brain working? Oh, I'm not known as the super girly type but I do have some pink stuff and everything.. thanks :]

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