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Craft Club: Junk Jewelled Leggings

Frequently Asked Questions...

Homemade gifts tacky?

I was reading online suggestions for cutting back on the Christmas budget and one article said to make homemade gifts. While this might be cute coming from the kids I still think some people would find it tacky if that's all they got.

I was thinking that instead of home made gifts for all if my children (3 and 7) gave their cousins home made gifts (useful things not just junk crafts) and we bough gifts for adults this would be an okay compromise.

Do you think homemade gifts are tacky and if it depends on who is giving/who is receiving please share situations you think it's okay.

Best Answer...


I think homemade gifts are great, it's the thought that counts. I think it would be better to purchase gifts for the kids and have them make gifts for the adults. They should understand this better than the children and if they think it's "tacky" then they obviously weren't worth gifting in the first place.