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Large Black Women Falling FUNNY!!

Frequently Asked Questions...

What type of bee or wasp has a large black body and red/orange wings?

I live in Coastal South-Texas, and i was bit by a large black bee or wasp with rather long red/orange wings. I've seen them before, they tend to stay low in the grass. I would would like to know the specific species. I've tried the internet, but no luck. Any help is appreciated.
michael 971,
Thank you for your help, you are absolutely correct. The painful "sting" is true, i was walking barefoot in my backyard when i stepped on one. The bio on this species is interesting. Thanks again.

Best Answer...


Sound like a tarantula hawk wasp.
They live in the southwest. They hunt spiders.
They fool the spiders by vibrating the web to make the spider think there is an insect trapped/

Then she stings the spider, digs a hole, puts the spider in it and she lays her eggs on the paralyzed spider.

They have stings that can be quite painful to people.

Wasps can be interesting to watch.
Last summer I had a different type of wasp (great golden digger wasp)that were making holes in my yard. They would sting a katydid which is related to crickets and grasshoppers and bring them back to their holes.
The wasps in my yard were not aggresive and i could sit and watch them dig their holes and bring back katydids.

Each different kind wasp hunts a different type of insect or spider