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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should a 7th grader keep in their purse?

Right now, mine has...

-iPod charger
-DS charger
-Fake nail glue
-Black nail polish
-Finger nail file
-Braces-cleaning kit (Floss/toothbrush/toothpaste in a little container)
-AA Battery
-A pack of gummies (lol)
-Compact mirror
-Lead pencil
-Hand sanitizer
-Body spray
-Hair scrunchy
-Wallet with about $5 in change and a $10 bill
-Address book
-Flash drive
-Coke or Pepsi quizzes book
-Photo album with pics of me & my friends/some from prom

Yeah...that's all the junk in here; (:
Anything else you can think of?
6th and 7th graders have their own prom...and the 8th graders get their own. :]

Best Answer...


gosh child.
you dont need like half that stuff.

but nothing else i thinkk you covered your whole house.

and my name is ashley too(: