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Frequently Asked Questions...

Jewelry/Corsage/Makeup/Shoes/Purse for a Short, Red Cocktail Dress?

I have kinda pale skin, blue eyes, brown hair (medium length with side bangs) - will be curled for the dance. Here's the dress: (Sorry for bad picture quality.) Wondering what jewelry, corsage, shoes, and purse to wear and what makeup to do.

Thank you so much!
(P.S. It's for Prom.)

Best Answer...


i would wear white gold or silver jewelry purse, well maybe a clutch(a black one), idk wat color corsage ill come back later and update my question with pics of everything u should wear with it.

OK im back this is everything

theses earrings

this necklace

this bracelet

this ring

this makeup except wear a clear lip gloss instead

these in white or black probably white or these in black or white

this corsage

this clutch in either color

hav fun at prom hope u like everything:D