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Frequently Asked Questions...

creating a black and red rose?

any ideas would be great. i need to at least attempt to make a black rose with red tips on the pettals. I know that i have seen red rose with black pettals, but i would really like one Black with the red pettal edges.

Thank you to anyone who can help!
and i am refering to a real flower

Best Answer...


To create any specific colored flower, you have to cross parents that have some of the features you wish to achieve in the offspring. In your case, you would probably have to have a black petal rose and a red petal rose and cross-pollinate them. You would need to protect the buds from accidental cross pollination from bees, flies, wasps and other insects. Then you have to allow the hip to ripen, harvest the seeds, germinate the seeds and grow the new plants to blooming size, check for desired characteristics, cull the non-desirable plants, and then re-cross the most desirable plants. To develop the black with red edged bloom you desire may take many years. Good luck and have fun. Even if you never achieve your desires, trying and failing is so much more fun than sitting on the sidelines and not trying at all.