Retro Costume

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Retro Costume


Frequently Asked Questions...

What would YOUR perfect popstar be like?

physically? (hair color, eye color, skin, height, weight)
personality? (bubbly, funny, dramatic, emo, mysterious)
clothing? (rocker, prep, athletic, retro, costumes, simple, modest, raunchy)
talent? (singer, singer/songwriter, singer that dances, singer that plays another instrument)
usually pop stars sing that's why they all say singer

how they eat? (health nut, fast food junky, carnivore, vegetarian)
attitude? like critical or happy go lucky? ( I know attitude is sort of like personality)
nationality> (british, american, french, mexican, chinese, just to name a few)
talent level? (1-10 how important)

who would your perfect popstar be?
who are you ready to see on tv?
what person are you craving?


p.s. add any details I failed to mention

Best Answer...


My perfect popstar would answer his important emails rather than write apologetic songs and try to apologize to me on his concert dvds! That sounds crazy but it's true. He knows who he is.

clothing - no tight leather pants (even tho secretly they are sexy)
must be pure talent and genius
eat healthy, have a good lifestyle and set a good rolemodel
dancing not important
must answer emails, be honest, not lie.