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Frequently Asked Questions...

Am I doing enough for Uni?

Hey :)
I would ideally like to get into a russel group uni, im in year 10 now. The GCSEs im doing are:
English (A)
English lit (A)
Maths (A*)
Triple Award science (A*) <-- got A* in physics last year and A in bio
Statistics (A*)
Art (A*)
Product design (A*)
History (A*)
French (A*) <-- although more likely to get a B
ICT (distinction)
RE (A*)
Last year our school took part in the RATS GCSE Pilot that I got a pass in. I'm also doing the bronze and silver Arts Award, Learning Japanese and Korean, Maybe learning piano or guitar. Am I doing enough to get into a good uni? I would ideally like to do chinese and a cultural thing at uni. I'm also doing Classical Civilisation A-Level next year

Best Answer...


Firstly, it depends where you want to go. For Russell Group you seem to be doing fine, I got roughly the same grades in my GCSE's. Universities don't really take GCSE's into consideration though, and it's your A levels that you're going to have to really try at. Extra-curricular activities are great for personal statements/interviews, but you don't have to go crazily overboard unless you're applying to Oxbridge. The other thing that Universities look for is passion for your subject, but seeing as your only in year 10, and probably don't know what degree you want to do (or know for certain, anyway), then I'd wait until sixth form to do that.

If you have good grades it's really not that hard to get into a Russell group uni, and you really don't need to be worrying about it yet.