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Silver and Gold by Kirk Franklin and The Family

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long will a rifle with a barrel made of either iron,bronze,silver,gold,copper,aluminum effectively last?

Let's a say an M16 or an AR-15 or an M4 that has a barrel made out of those metals instead of chrome-steel and nickel? How will it affect the rifles performance in terms of accuracy or distance of projectile?
And how long would that barrel last after shooting a few hundred rounds?
Also forgot to put up there aluminum. An aluminum barrel.

Best Answer...


Kid... you have a class coming up in school that will cover physical sciences... try to stay awake. If you failed it last year.. try to stay awake while you repeat it next year.

Any of the metals you listed would not tolerate the heat from any modern smokeless cartridge and projectile... nor most of the blackpowder loads from years ago.

Folks tried bronze and iron in the earliest days of gunpowder... they did not work very well and wore out, burned out or blew up with regularity.