Simulated Diamond

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Russian Brilliants® Simulated Diamond Set in 14k Solid Gold Setting

Frequently Asked Questions...

Whats the differance between a real diamond and a simulated diamond??

I know one is made in a lab and one isnt, I was looking for more detail then that. As far as value, how they can tell the differance, why someone would pay SO much more for a real one, if you can tell just by the naked eye the differance, or anything else really. Thank you.

Best Answer...


Chemically, a natual diamond and a lab-created one are identical. I would expect that there would be less flaws, or maybe no flaws (?) in a lab-created one. Naturally occurring ones have "flaws" and inclusions. The better ones cannot be seen with the naked eye. I say it's personal preference as to what kind you prefer. If you want more information, I'd suggest you go to a reputable jeweler and ask for the crash course on diamonds. That's what I did and they were more than happy to educate me.