Snake Chain

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Frequently Asked Questions...

would anyone know the price of my necklace?

I have a necklace that is 18ct white gold (750) approximately 30cm long and it looks like snake skin. It's not a snake chain necklace (the round smooth one) it's flat and approximately 5mm wide and looks like snake skin maybe even a wide braid with more than 3 pieces of metal. I was wondering how much this would cost in AUSTRALIA!
It was made in Italy...
it's not "snake chain" like in betty boo's answer (but thank you for your help). It's flat (like a flat round bangle) but looks like snake skin (with the scales). It could even be described like a hair braid but with more than just 3 pieces of metal weaved together.

Best Answer...


Depends some people are willing to pay more than others. Try going to some pawn shops and see what they offer. Or a jewelry store and ask.