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Frequently Asked Questions...

Argh! I have moved into my boyfriend's family home (his parents no longer live there so it is just us two now)?

BUT the living room is a catastrophic design faux pas! Imagine if you will a white dado rail above which is cream wallpaper with a scattered design of small peach/dark cream rectangles. below the dado rail is cream and peach striped wallpaper. The couch and curtains are dark navy blue and the carpet is dark brown with flecks of black in it. There is a fireplace (victorian design) in cream marble and wooden surround. None of it goes together and it gives me a headache! Apparently the carpet isn't that old and also cost a fair bit, the couch (why blue!?!?!) will cost a fortune to reupholster! This means the only things I have license to change are the walls and curtains! I was thinking a light blue/teal feature wall and the rest plain! I would love to just do the whole lot but I don't want to offend or seem too bossy etc if you know what I mean? =s
So....any ideas / advice as to what I should do colour scheme wise???

Best Answer...


The answer to the couch is very simple. Buy a slip cover. If the parents ask Why? you simply tell them that you feel better having it covered, You obviously would hate for anything to happen to their couch!