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Frequently Asked Questions...

Rebuilding an ancient computer?

i have an IBM Ps2 P70, and i got it for cheap because its from 1982. i know some about computers but my friends actually build them, i was wondering. how hard would it be, and how expensive would it be to have a custom gaming computer inside the vintage shell, could i make all the ports line up? i already know im going to be dishing out probably almost a grand, im just curious, any help would be greatly appreciated

Best Answer...


you should be able to make it fit together its just the mobo and the ports you need to worry about

make sure the modo is the right size and maybe mod the inside to make the ports fit using port adaptors

hope this helps

ps: itll be funny to see to an old looking computer play the latest games, you could even get an old monitor and mod it so that it looks like an old monitor but is infact a new high def screen LOL