Alice Hair

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Alice Hair

Chicken Cutlets And The Amazing Technicolor Nightmaredress (Dlisted)

Phoebe Price is an international supermodel who has toplined the most
prestigious food court fashion shows in Perris and has graced the cover of a
dozen fashion magazines published by a Knott's Berry Farm photo booth, so I
really shouldn't question her style choices, but what in the name of the coat
of many colors does she have on her truly exquisite body?!

Did a two-headed crow attack her in the head which caused her to fall and get
tangled up in the backyard clothesline of a lady who holds the Guinness World
Record for the largest collection of fugly ass bedspreads? PP is a goddess
molded from a mound of ground chipolte chicken, and that dress is not worthy
of her beauty.

With all that being said, Chicken Cutlets was still the best dressed at last
night's American Mess Awards. I mean, look at her competition:

Ke$ha - Bitch's dress looks the inside of my broke Boom Box after it chewed on
and warped one of my Alice Cooper tapes. No points for those stud brows.

Nicki Minaj - Is she wearing the skeleton of one RPattz's golden unicorns?
This is not a total ...


wow im a idiot (alice hair)