Celtic Triquetra

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What would you think of a guy getting a triquetra (trinity) tattoo?

I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for a while now and I really like the Celtic triquetra (trinity). It has many meanings:

Some three-pronged Celtic meanings for the triquetra (trinity) symbol include:

Spirit, Mind, Body
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Mother, Father, Child
Past, Present, Future
Power, Intellect, Love
Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
Creation, Preservation, Destruction
Thought, Feeling, Emotion
Mother, Maiden, Crone
Other world, Mortal world, Celestial world

The design and meanings stand out to me. I would get it on my arm with a couple shades of colour.
Would this tattoo look good on a guy?

Best Answer...


I think it would look fine