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Frequently Asked Questions...

What compact older SUV should I get?

I've been looking into buying a 1996-2005 Chevy Blazer ZR2, but the gas miledge is pretty bad, the same thing for a 1996-2000 Ford Explorer, I also looked into a 1990-1996 4Runner, but its the same story, what is somthing similiar to these vehicles that would get 20mpg or better? Or are the mpgs I found wrong, and one of these 3 vehicles actually gets 18 or better on around town driving? Im trying to keep the price on the lower side, please let me know what you think!

Also, I would want somthing I could throw some rims on, or brush bar and make it look good as well! Thanks for reading guys!
Im sorta wanting a suv, not a crossover, thanks for the tip though!
And by compact i just meant like smaller, i dont want like a ford expedition or somthing

Best Answer...


Mazda CX-7