Compact Silver

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KSC M945 Performance Center Compact (Silver) 銀色短版

Frequently Asked Questions...

Upload C.D For My Digital Camera Lost, Where Can I Get Another One? best answer 10pts!?

Okay.. for Christmas, my mom bought me a cheap digital camera from Avon. Yet i do not know the name of the camera. The details of the camera are compact, silver, and has three colored switch plates of blue, red, and green. I lost the C.D for it so that i can upload the pictures to the computer. If you could tell me if you know either,

1. where to find the camera and C.D.
2. A universal camera uploading program i can use. (links please)
or 3. If im screwed..

Thnx guys/girls Best Answer 10 pts!

Best Answer...


2) if at any point you can find the name of the camera i can E-mail the driver software, virus free stright to you, and that applies to anyone who want one, just email you make with the subject CAMdriv and i shall reply with the software in a neat little package, if you have any queries please email me and i shall help =)..................please allow up to 7 days to complete......................the email adress is