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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is a good shaver for a 15yr old girl?

i tried venus,it cut me alot and i tried and then i tried Bic and tried to put it under my arm as gentle as i can but i got a deep cut under my arm anyway.

Best Answer...


Don't get Bic, it's the cheapest kind i believe.
I love the gillette vibrate razor
go here:

and click on the pink one on the bottom that says vibrate razor.
It doesnt cut me and reveals such smooth skin cause it takes of dry skin.

Try to rub babyoil on before you shave
or even i find DEODORANT really helps
if you put some on and your in a hurry
just put water on the razor
then shave on top of the deodorant
and it leaves your skin really soft
and no bumps redness cuts or anything.

Good luck!