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Handle MenVintage Jewelry Supplies & PayPal encourages members to become Verified to increase trust and safety in our community. Because financial institutions screen their account holders, PayPal"s Verification process increases security when you pay parties you do not know.

Frequently Asked Questions...

For landlords, are there plumbers and handy men in which you can pay them later by mail?

I manage an apartment. For the handy man and plumbers I use, I pretty much have to be on site to pay them when they finish. This is a hassle since I don't live at the property.

Do you know of plumbers and handle men in which I can pay them by mailing them a check later, or pay them by credit card by phone, or they can drive to my house to get the payment?

They can go to the apartment first and phone in the estimate and then I pay them later.

Best Answer...


There is a weeding out process as to getting to know each other and what is normally expected of each.

I have a very good set of handymen as well as licensed plumbers and electrician that would do what you want to do, however, it took awhile for us to come to an agreement as to the billing arrangements. You should approach the ones you are currently using as to their policy on estimations, billing and payment arrangements.

There might be times when you might have to go through a few of these individuals before you would find one that would want to assist you, therefore forming a partnership of sorts.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.