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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why does Obama stay the course of the Bush administration in regards to torture and do liberals here agree?

Especially those liberals who were passionately against torture and all policies involved when Bush did it?

All of the Obama administration's rhetoric about "change you can believe in," government transparency and democratic ideals went up in smoke Monday morning in a San Francisco federal courtroom.
A federal attorney representing President Barack Obama and his attorney general, Eric Holder, rose to announce that the new administration will be standing pat on the position taken by George Bush and his Justice Department in a case involving some of the most heinous crimes of the previous administration.
Like his predecessor, Obama is invoking the state secrets privilege to quash a case brought on behalf of individuals who were abducted by the CIA, held in secrecy and without charges and transported to third countries to be interrogated under torture.


"just following orders eh?" Amazing

Best Answer...


Obama is a politician, and, it is far easier to criticize others with campaign rhetoric on the campaign trail than it is to live up to ideals once the job is won.