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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have warm skin tone, what colour of lipstick I should use for casual daytime and evening?

I have warm medium skin tone (quite fair in winter though). Normally when I don't wear any make up my cheeks got some kind of natural peachy blush. My lips are also quite pigment with light berry colour. However I really envy people who wear lipstick nicely and their lips look so gorgeous. I tried out some good reviewed lipstick e.g Estee Lauder Crystal Babe or crystal Coral but they don't show on my lips at all! The only lipstick I've ever owned which showed up a little is Chanel Rough Coco Madamoiselle. I really like Coral lipstick and other light colours however I'm really not sure which one I should get for a more flattering look and they won't dissapear on my lips! Please give me some ideas of what shades (and brands) I should get for casual daytime/evening looks. I prefer the high-end products. Many thanks guys !
And by the way, I'm 25.

Best Answer...


Honestly I think you should just go with a clear gloss. It shows your natural color. But you could also try a peachy color.