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Frequently Asked Questions...

Make up lovers/ experts.. were these good choices to get from Sephora to sample lots of shades?

I ordered these 3 things from Sephora...(links t products below)... Kat Von D mini lipstick set, Opi mini nail polish set, and Sephora mini lip gloss palette.

I never seem to finish up any makeup before getting bored and wanting something new... except things like my mascara and foundation that I use no matter what each I thought these mini variety sets would be good to use. I never can decide on a lip shade and I never am happy re-using the same nail color over and over and always want something new.

Do these look like good products being they're a bit pricey?

Thanks for the input! =)



Best Answer...


Im a pro makeup artist, and I wouldn't recomend the 3rd purchase, since I personally dont like lip glosses that use a brush. As for your 2nd purchase, I am absolutely in LOVE with OPI for Sephora Nail Polish. It has the quality of OPI, with some cool colors. The Kat Von D colors are a little hard to pull off because they dont flatter a lot of people. It really depends on your looks.