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Frequently Asked Questions...

What Impact did Henry VIII have on the english reformation?

so i know that he dissolved the monasteries therefore adding more money to the treasuries and i also know that he made England protestantism......but i don't know much else. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best Answer...


Henry VIII brought about the Reformation in England. He made English church free of Pope's control by declaring himself the supreme head of the English church. He prohibited the English church from sending the customary monetary contributions(Annates etc) to Rome. He took away the appellate powers of the Pope over English citizens. He ordered that no English citizen was to take appeal to any power outside England. He did all these not through mere royal order but through declaration in Parliament. Thus the Parliament was also involved in the decisions taken. These measures had the effect of taking away the organisational, judicial and financial control of the Pope over the church of England. Church of England virtually became a separate entity with the English Crown at its head.