Milk Glass

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Milk Glass

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Hazel Atlas milk glass jar?

My mom found a small white jar half buried in the dry mud in our pasture yesterday. I looked on ebay and found exactly the same jar. I discovered it was a Hazel Atlas milk glass jar, and it wasn't worth much. However, I'm still very interested in this little jar and would love to know more about it, such as circa date, what it might have been used for, (it's only about 2 &1/2- 2&3/4 inches tall, and has a metal lid. Couldn't measure it for exact demensions... I think my mom hid it from my toddler niece) and some info on Hazel Atlas [Company?] If no one knows details, might someone direct me to a good website for this? Thank you!

Best Answer...


People love depression era glass. Great find, now if you can provide a story for the people who lived on the farm before you!!! Look at the library or the tax collectors office, and find out who owned it. Always worth more with a story that can be proven.