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Frequently Asked Questions...

PSU for Inspiron 530?

PSU for Inspiron 530?
I need to purchase a higher wattage PSU for my Dell
to power my EVGA 8800GTS. The video card asks for a minimum of 400 watts and also a 12V rail to supply 26 amps or more.

Here the specs on a PSU I am considering buying:

# General Features:
# Output: 600 Watt
# Dual Fans
# 115V/230V switchable power supply
# Two (2) SATA connectors
# One (1) ATX power connector (supports both 20-pin and 24-pin configurations)
# One (1) 12V ATX power connector
# Six (6) 4-pin large power connectors
# One (1) Small power connectors
# Low Noise Fan
# Short Circuit & Over Voltage Protection
# Thermal Overload Cut-Off Protection

# Power Specifications:
# +3.3V, 25A
# +5V, 42A
# +12V, 27A
# -12V, 0.5A
# -5V, 0.5A
# +5Vsb, 2.5A

Does this one have the right connectors for my computer (not just my video card)??

here's the manual to help give a bit more info

is this compatable?

Best Answer...


Here is where to download a copy of your computer manual:

On page 106 is a picture of your PSU. If I am reading this right, you have a 350 Watt PSU, way below what you need...but I think a 400 Watt is a little excessive for your card alone. Your card will suck upwards of 250 Watts.

And you have to consider the working wattage. It is never 100% of the stated watts output. It ranges between 60 - 80%.

You need at least 350 + 250 = 600 Watts and I would go a little bit more so you aren't straining things. Lets say a 650 working watt PSU.

An 800 Watt PSU @ 80% efficiency is 640 Watts. You could probably do with a 750 Watt PSU or 600 Watts @ 80%. I think you would have enough or more than enough with 750 Watt Rated yielding 600 Watts of useable power.

So I think you should kick it up to 750 Watts to get your 600 Watts.

I cannot believe my eyes that this card is asking for 26 Amps????? Your household wall socket will supply 15 amps before it blows the fuse. I think there is something amiss here, because I cannot see any graphics card requirig 26 amps...Think of it, that is twice the power of a powerful vacuum cleaner motor. I think something is not right.

What you need to do is download your manual and check your current PSU connectors against the one you intend to buy.