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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do i connect my pc to tv??

i would like to watch my pc on tv, its an lcd, im not sure about the type of fitting on my pc, my monitor is connected by a blue coloured pin plug, is that vga? my lcd has two scarts two hdmi and a two pin {red and white} dvi plug at the back, which of these can use to connect to pc? thanks anyone!

Best Answer...


If your plug is a trapezoid with pins it, that's VGA
if it's a rectangle and a square next to each other, that's DVI

Your LCD TV probably has a DVI plug (it should say under it)

they sell VGA to DVI adapters, just go to best buy or someplace like that and ask for one, then get a cable that will stretch!

ALSO your computer probably has an S-Video out, which could then be converted to composite, but there's no way that would look anywhere near as good just using the monitor output.