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Frequently Asked Questions...

Will you read my poem (Spelling)? (Thank you!)?

[Spelling my name]

I heard you spelling my name
I answered in the winter winds
the winds that blame
my voice still - your words bid.

My winds shied - a darkened bride.

My winds cried, and then I died.

A call of altitudes waving a hand
A Deadly Nightshade, of Nyx
distance egressed,
a word uphill, your primal twinge.

My voice edges - my calls subsides.

Crucifix wedges, my rain decides.

I heard the night calling my worth
I answered in the snowy landscape
your form came forth
a gleam so still, your bluish drape.

Snowy nights, my solitude's witches.

The Hydra's bark, like a razor etches.

Nyx = Night
Hydra = The follower of Pluton, God of underworld
Deadly Nightshade = A medical/poisonous plant.

Best Answer...


A noble name is never spelled in vain
Misspelling causes unnecessary pain
Dramatic figures looking for own space
Masking from fear a unique to find ace

Unfolding poison words at dead of night
Is the calling card left for their own height
Unrelieved gloom, their inevitable sad fate
A trip toward Pluton, no more ego to inflate...