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Vintage Straight Razor 7 8 ESCO by Crown Castle VG Cond Must see Last Reduc
Vintage Three Gillette Safety Razors 2H 2I 3H Estate Find Must See
Vintage Straight Razor Clap 6 8 with 3 16+ spine heavy Super clean Must se
Vintage KEEN EDGE Razor Strop Barbers Dressing Orig price 35 cents MUST SEE

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Razor Must

Razor Face - Elton John (Madman Across the Water 3 of 9)

Frequently Asked Questions...

I need some razor-shaving tips, please?

I've been using Veet Hair Removal Cream to remove underarm hair, and it's actually quite troublesome, so I think I'd want to try using a razor now instead. What are the do's and don'ts?

1. Must I use shaving cream or should I just use warm water? Is it bad to use soap/shower gel?
2. Do I need to wait a few minutes after applying shaving cream/soap before shaving like using Veet?
3. I don't want thicker hair. Should I shave with or against the grain?
4. Is it a must to apply moisturizer after shaving?
5. Is it okay to use deodorant immediately after shaving?
6. Veet only allows at least 3 days of interval before the next shave. But, my underarm hair sprouts fast, pretty much the next day! If I use a razor, must I wait a certain time between shaves also? Can i shave every 24 hours?

Best Answer...


1 always use some type of cream otherwise your just give yourself razor burn...
2 Its always a good idea to soap and rinse before applying shaving cream, softens the hairs and removes oils...
3. doesn't matter, people will say it does but what it comes down to is what works best for you so try both ways.
4 you can if you want apply a moisturizer but you don't have to.
5 when you first start shaving applying a deodorant with alcohol will make you cry!!! big stinging burning what the heck did I just do to myself tears! Once your used to shaving there its just fine say after a few days...
6 Yes you can shave everyday, twice a day if you like. Unlike harsh chemicals its much safer