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Frequently Asked Questions...

Was this safety razor worth getting?

Im at college and there is a ridiculous amount of chlorine in the water here.My Mach 3 blades that cost like 20 bucks for five dull in about a week and a half, causing unneeded financial troubles. Everytime i went to buy blades i saw safety razor blades for like 1.75 for ten

I Promptly went on amazon and purchased a Parker 22r razor and ten blades for a little under 30 bucks.

The razor had great reviews everywhere i checked, but was peppered with bad ones. I just would like to know if anyone, who has experience with safety razors can vouch for this product. I figured the people who say the bad things are people who have never used anything but a cartridge razor.

Very curious and would appreciate anything, i do have experience with a straight razor, actually to the point where i stropped a knife and shaved with that...hello mr razorburn... so im not a cartridge user only, and i know i will be able to shave with A safety razor, im just curious about the Parker 22r

Best Answer...


You've sort of posted this in the wrong category - not sure where would be a good place for it though. My husband uses that razor sometimes and he likes it.