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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to shave my groin.?

I asked this question before but the answer was pretty vague. This girl said to use a good razor, lot's of soap and to shave slowly. That's a great help but I could use some more details. What I want to know is should I shave in the shower? Because my girlfriend said the water could make my skin more sensitive and I already have very sensitive skin. Also should I go with the grain or against it? Finally I have tried to shave it numerous times and I have a terrible problem with irritation bumps even when I used my electric razor. Is there a way I could help prevent this? Like maybe rub lotion on the skin to make it soft? I look forward to answers so thank you very much to whoever answer's these questions for me.

Best Answer...


In all seriousness, abandon all traditional ideas you have about groin grooming, and pick up a Philips Norelco Bodygroomer. I snagged one locally at a Target store for about $50.

Prior to using this thing, I tried using both an electric razor and standard blades. Both had their extreme drawbacks. The teeth on the electric razor were too far apart, and the thin skin of my manly parts was easily caught between them, making for some unpleasant cuts. After using the razor, I'd get burns and bumps, and if it had been awhile, I itched like hell for the next several days.

With the little device I mentioned above, I was able to trim and shave myself without fear of any kind of cuts. The first time I used it was in the shower, and after some initial trepidation, was able to properly use the thing without even having to pay attention to what I was doing. I was shocked.

And unlike using a razor, I had zero irritation. No burn, no bumps, no itching when the hair started to grow back the next day. I don't even know how it's possible, but it is.

I know I must sound like some kind of advertisement, but I'm seriously just amazed with it.