Remington Roll

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What would you like to ask?What kind of shells can i shoot out of my Remington Rolling Block 16 gauge single?

it says 1888 for the year patented just want to make sure it will handle todays 16 gauge shells and not have to shoot those old black powder shells. Any other info about the shotgun would be extremely helpful too. Thanks

Best Answer...


I would submit a letter to an expert at a magazine such as Guns and Ammo or Shooting Times. Here is your dilemna: Blackpowder doesn't produce the higher pressures that smokless powder does. Not all rolling block actions are very strong. One last issue is whether it has a Dasmascus steel barrel. Those barrels are notoriously weak, and shotshell boxes used to carry warning on them about not firing modern ammunition in shotguns with those types of barrels. For safety's sake I would say NO.