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Quick Scarf Tying: Using a Scarf Ring

Frequently Asked Questions...

Doctor who scarf knitting question, color changing?

i am about to start on a project to make the 4th doctor's scarf (the version from 'robot') and i am not entirely sure how to do a color changes (and there are a lot of color changes in the pattern).

the site i got the patern form has this to say on the matter, but i don't quite get it...

Color Changing: There are many ways to change colors but this is the best way I know of. (And the way Ms. Pope did on the original.) After you finish with a color, cut the end about 10-12 inches long. Knit 2 or 3 stitches with this strand, then on the fourth stitch, start knitting in the new color leaving about the same length strand. When you have knitted some with the new color, neatly tie the strands together, (a square knot works best.) When the scarf is complete, use a yarn needle to weave the strands into the stitches of the scarf. Clip the ends close to the scarf.

Can someone explain this to me? or give me a link to a demonstration video?

Thank you!

Best Answer...


There's a great website with how to vidoes on changing color. Its at

It sure helped me.