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Frequently Asked Questions...

Need help with info on aluminum cookware. Stamped PUR, with two bears in a square stamped M. M. CVR?

Has the word France stamped under the square. Vintage? One pour spout on each. Handles riveted on. Seelking info on value. Nothing on Ebay. Have 5 pans with no lids. Any ideas?

Best Answer...


hey there,
i actually was in the same situation once...and there was this antiques roadshow that came to my town once, and they looked at it for me. it was a similiar kind of aluminium cookware, just that they told me that aluminium looses a lot of value over time. but i was also told that if i had found something that a local museum could look at it for me since they tend to know those kinds of things. also there are some community centers that i know of in my area that would be helpful, but i dont know where you live. continue looking on the internet. good luck!