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Straight Cut Gears

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is better...a straight cut visor or a wave cut visor?

I've worn a cage all my life. I recently started playing men's league and am finding that the cage impedes my vision. I would like to purchase a visor and am wondering about the pros and cons of getting a straight cut versus an aviator or wave cut? I've never used either so I am open to suggestions. I am looking at these four visors: Bauer Pro Straight, Bauer Pro Wave, Oakley VR900 and Oakley VR903. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Best Answer...


My best advice : keep the cage. I much does it impede your vision (versus a fogged visor), and it is worth
a) losing teeth
b) breaking a jaw bone or cheek bone
c) lower concussion protection in the event of a contact to the face (the chin guard in your cage : that's what it's for)

In my opinion, the only people who should wear half visors are referee (whistle). Otherwise, keep the full face shield.